Tanja Malycheva

Tanja Malycheva studied art history, English philology, classical archaeology, and economic policy at the University of Münster. Afterwards, she conducted her PhD research at the University of Münster and the Moscow State University. In 2020 she published her PhD thesis “Valentin Serov. Bildfindungsprozesse des russischen Künstlers im gesamteuropäischen Kontext” (Engl. “Valentin Serov. In Search of an Image. Russian Artist in a Pan-European Context.”) This publication was generously supported by the Kroll Family Trust.

Tanja Malycheva works a curator, art educator, lecturer, and author for the Kunsthalle Bremen, Kunstsammlungen Böttcherstraße, Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, Kroll Family Trust and others. She was a co-curator of the exhibition “Marianne Werefkin: From the Blue Rider to the Big Bear” (2014, PMBM, Bremen) and co-organizer of the conference “Marianne Werefkin and the Cosmopolitan Women Artists in Her Circle” (PMBM/Jacobs University). As a founding member of the Russian Art and Culture Group she organized numerous workshops, among them „Russian Art: Building Bridges Between East and West. In Memoriam Dmitry Sarabyanov.” In her research Tanja Malycheva focuses on transcultural exchange, cosmopolitanism, and pan-European developments during the modern and the avant-garde periods. She is also particularly interested in Critical Whiteness Studies, conceptual and contemporary Art, Renaissance, and early Netherlandish painting.