Publications Inspired by the Russian Art & Culture Group

The workshops of the Russian Art and Culture Group are always wonderful occasions to listen to interesting presentations and the most recent scholarship. Therefore, we aim to publish the results of these workshops.

However, instead of publishing the mere workshop papers, we prefer to combine articles of junior and senior researchers in edited volumes on specific topics. These are our first two joint publications. 


Ludmila Piters-Hofmann and Isabel Wünsche
Artistic Communities and Educational Approaches in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Russia

Alison Hilton
From Abramtsevo to Zakopane: Folk Art and National Ideals in Russia and Eastern Europe

Allison Leigh
Vasilii Maksimov: Individuality and Collectivism in Pëtr Krestonostsev’s Artel of Artists

Ludmila Piters-Hofmann
Out of the Deep Woods and Into the Light: The Invention of Snegurochka as a Representation of Russian National Identity

K. Andrea Rusnock
Scholar and Mentor: Vladimir Stasov and the Promotion of Russian Needlecrafts

Isabel Wünsche
Pavel Chistiakov and Jan Ciągliński: New Approaches to Art Pedagogy in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Russia


Andrei Sarabyanov
About My Father

John E. Bowlt
Remembering Dmitry Sarabyanov

Natalia Avtonomova
Dmitry Sarabyanov, Scholar and Teacher

Xenia Muratova
In Memory of Dmitry Sarabyanov

Elena Borisovna Murina and Jane A. Sharp
Dmitry Vladimirovich Sarabyanov’s Speech to the First Congress of the Union of Artists

Mikhail Allenov
The Appearance of Christ before the People in 1858 as a Symbol and Symptom of a Historical Period

Ludmila Piters-Hofmann
Sleeping Beauty: A Western European Immigrant to Russian Culture

Tanja Malycheva
East and West, Past and Present: The Manifold Iconographic Code in Valentin Serov’s Portrait of Ida Rubinstein (1910)

Maria Taroutina
Between East and West: Reconsidering Mikhail Vrubel’s “Nativist” Aesthetics

Fabio Franz
An Inspirational Milieu: St. Petersburg Cosmopolitan Collections of Old Masters

Christina Lodder
Ivan Puni and the Flight of Forms: From St. Petersburg to Berlin

Miriam Häßler
Moscow Merz and Russian Rhythm: Tracking Vestiges of the Erste Russische Kunstausstellung, Berlin, 1922

Jakub Hauser
Exiled Russian and Ukrainian Artists in Prague during the Interwar Period

Roann Barris
Exhibiting Russia: Revising, Reframing, and Reinterpreting the Russian Avant-Garde
Matteo Bertelé
Soviet “Severe Romanticism” at the 1962 Venice Biennale: The Case of Viktor Popkov

Ekaterina Bobrinskaya
Cultural Memory and the Anti-Western Utopias of Russian “Futurians”

Ekaterina Yudina
To Duel or Not to Duel? That Is a [Futuristic] Question

Nina Gurianova
Visions, Wars, and Utopias of the Russian Avant-Garde

Isabel Wünsche
Creative Intuition: The Russian Interpretation of Henri Bergson’s Metaphysics

Yulian Khalturin
Malevich Edits Malevich

Viktoria Schindler
Color Theories from Western Europe and the United States in the Writings of Ivan Kliun

Ada Raev
Georg Kolbe: Russian Impressions

Georgy Kovalenko
Pavel Tchelitchew and Jean Giraudoux’s Ondine

John E. Bowlt and Nicoletta Misler
Meridians of Snow