Seventh Graduate Workshop

What Is to Be Done?
Discussions in Russian Art Theory and Criticism II

The seventh graduate workshop of the Russian Art and Culture Group, taking place in Bremen on September 19 and 20, 2019, will focus on the main tendencies in Russian art theory from Russian modernism to the present day.

We want to specifically explore responses to the question What Is to Be Done? (Что делать?) by artists, art critics, writers, and other members of the Russian intelligentsia. Furthermore, we wish to discuss art historical concepts such as, for example, the Russian avant-garde, neo-primitivism, constructivism, formalism, Socialist Realism, conceptualism, Sots Art, and how these were used by Russian artists. We also want to examine how movements and concepts from abroad, including cubism, the Bauhaus, concept art, pop art, and others, were mirrored in Russian art theory and artistic practice, and vice versa.

Deadline for the submission of proposals is May 31, 2019.

View workshop’s CfP for more details.