Petra Carlsson Redell

Liubov Popova and Reality as a Site of Construction

Along with the other constructivists, Russian artist Liubov Popova (1889–1924) rejected easel painting in 1921. Her work as well as her writing from that year onwards detects a determination to let art partake actively in the ongoing construction of society, rather than to play an analytical or reflective role. However, her earlier work, while carrying traits of Suprematist influence on the one hand, reveals an already present conviction of ongoing construction as a key characteristic of reality as such on the other. This paper discusses how Popova’s understanding of reality as a site of construction is present in her “Painterly Architectonics” work and how it relates to the iconography that inspired her.


October 15, 2020
14.30 (Vienna) | 8.30 am (NYC) | 3.30 pm (Moscow) | 8.30 pm (Singapore)
online via Zoom

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